The Healing Cleanse Kit (with Zeolite Liquid)
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Purchasing this Kit will ensure you have enough Zeolites and FermPlus Probiotics to last one full month. The Zeolite capsules are recommended after using the liquid form for anyone who is experiencing extreme health issues like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue. If you are in generally good health, begin your detox with the capsules.

FermPlus Pro

FermPlus Pro is one of the few probiotics that colonize good microbes in your system which increases the nutrient content. The ingredients are fermented, so they have been partially broken down which allows them to be more available for assimilation. 

FermPlus Probiotics replace many other supplements because it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It cleanses Candida yeast fungi overgrowth and parasites. It is an organic whole food supplement.

To take, add one tablespoon of FermPlus Pro to eight ounces of room-temperature water, drink quickly.

Zeolites Liquid

Zeolites remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury that interfere with nervous function and gastro-intestinal function.

Most toxins in the body have a postive electric charge. Zeolites have a natural negative charge. The trap the toxins and take them out of the body.

Take in very small doses (For a complete detox: healthy people take two full droppers four times per day until the bottle is empty. When starting another bottle, take one dropper full three to four times per day. Anyone experiencing health issues should begin slowly with one full dropper per day mixed with water. If there are no side effects (headaches, swelling, gastrointestinal issue, flu-like symptoms) continue to add one full dropper each day until you can take one full dropper three to four times per day.

Drink plenty of water while taking Zeolites. (Adding a pinch of sea salt, mineral water, broth or kvass will improve the process.)

When detox is complete, continue to take one full dropper once per day.

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The Healing Cleanse Kit (with Zeolite Liquid)

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