Optimal Health & Restorative Sleep Guided Meditation Kit
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Getting better sleep and meditating each day will enhance your recovery experience.

Restorative Sleep: If you have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain, you likely have trouble sleeping. This guided meditation was designed to help you get better sleep so you can recover faster. Leah will guide to a good night sleep so you can have more energy and regain your health.

Optimal Health: Meditating will help you get through everyday. Leah's meditation gives you a moment of peace in your day so you can refuel and keep going. It is very important to take a few minutes each day to relax and relieve stress.

Purchase the two CD's together and save $5 and combine shipping.

When you purchase the complete meditation kit, including both MP3 recordings, both CDs and both written transcripts you save over $45.00 and get free shipping!

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Optimal Health & Restorative Sleep Guided Meditation Kit

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